Hay & Forage

Wykertown Farms, LLC. is based out of Willow Brook Farm
on Wykertown Road in Sussex County New Jersey.

2010 marked our first full season of production.

Custom Vegetable

and Seeding Needs

Custom Tillage

Custom Seeding

Custom Vegetable Needs

Custom Jobs

Hay grasses, legumes, and small grains

We can build raised beds for you with or without plastic. Install drip irrigation lines, do transplanting, and as well as winter removal

Custom jobs will be billed to the customer at an hourly rate per worker and according to the task.

Feel free to contact us if you need work done that is not noted on our website. We may be able to help you with additional work as well.


Spring planting

Dairy Corn


Corn Crib




We offer seasoned firewood by the cord for your winter heating needs